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Grief Digest, April 2006
"Permission to Grieve Freely"
Grief Digest, July 2006
"The Need for Responsibility-Free Time"
Peggy Waterfall
Peggy Waterfall was once in
the corporate world of high
tech.  After she experienced
the loss of 3 loved ones, she
moved to Hawaii, where she
a jewelry business, put
together a new life and is now
happily remarried. She is the
author of two books for
grieving individuals:
and Rain: Finding Comfort in
Times of Loss,
October 2005,
A Message from the Author:
In our culture, we are a grief repressed
society.  When we avoid discussing
death , when we look the other way
when death is in the news, when we put
off making a will or an estate plan, when
we find reasons not to visit a terminally
ill friend, we are unintentionally setting
ourselves up for the nastiest wake-up
call of our lives.  Death happens.  
Unfortunately, whether expected or
unexpected, it happens.  And when it
happens to someone dear to us, our
minds, bodies and souls go through a
series of reactions which are as natural
as breathing itself.  But since no one
ever TALKS about it, we think there is
something inherently wrong (or weak)
about us, so we bury the emotions, and
suffer in silence.  

There is a not nearly enough material
written on this subject by people who
have experienced significant loss.  In
doing research for this idea, I concluded
that the need for such a book is clear,
the subject timeless.

Why me? Why do I feel I know enough
to write books about grieving?
Includes information
about hospice care and
bereavement support for
families using hospice
Light a candle or
develop a memorial
website to honor  
your loved one
Recommended Resources
After all, I’m not a social worker, making my living helping bereaved families at the
local hospice.  I’m not a trained psychologist or medical professional of any kind.  
I don’t run the nearby grief support group and I’ve never written a book before.

But I have experienced great loss, and I survived.  The analogies I speak about in
this book are drawn from my own personal experience. In the span of just over a
year, I lost my father, an exceptionally healthy 77 year old man with everything to
live for (he’d been married to his new wife just 3 weeks before he dropped dead of
heatstroke), then Jack, the man I loved and shared my life with for nearly 2
decades, who fought the good fight before succumbing to colon cancer, then my
mother, who was diagnosed with bladder cancer a week after Jack died, and
passed away in hospice care herself, just three months later. This series of death
blows rocked me to the core and threatened to finish me off as well. The decision
to write these books came out of my own sorrowful longing for answers and
peace in the face of unspeakable sadness and bewildering emotional turmoil.  

I was fortunate to have a gifted and compassionate bereavement counselor to
guide me through the difficult process of my “grief work” (and believe me, done
correctly, grieving is
very hard work).  I've always felt that the ultimate credit for my
recovery is hers.  Peggy (we found we had lots in common, including our name) is
a licensed clinical social worker whose specialty is bereavement counseling for
hospice.  I had the unfortunate distinction of being the only client she had ever had
who was admitting a loved one for hospice care twice in just 3 months’ time.  
While I don’t pretend to have “seen it all”, or even experienced the most tragic of
losses, I do hope that my personal stories will lend credibility and reality to a very
sensitive and difficult topic.  In the end, I hope that when a grief stricken reader
scans the bookshelves or the Internet, as I did, searching for a book that “gets it”,
they will know in an instant that
Rainbows and Rain is the book they have been
searching for, and that somebody truly understands what they are going through.

Comprehensive collection of
resources for grieving children
and adults. Publishers of Grief
Digest magazine.
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